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Network Access Control

  • Cloud Security
  • Perimeter Security
  • Application Security
  • Security Forensics
  • Network Access Control
  • Internet Of Things (IOT)



X10 Technologies has been developing and deploying Network Access Solutions for more than 15 years. We can help you identify and safely on-board end-user devices ensuring compliance and corporate connectivity policies ranging from wireless user portal authentication to IoT, OT, or SCADA. X10 Technologies also became the first partner in Western Canada to introduce Network Access Control solutions such as Avenda (Aruba ClearPass), and Bradford Networks (FortinetFortiNAC).


Specializing in complex Network Access Control solutions, our team has extensive experience when it comes to deploying NAC in Education, Municipalities, Healthcare, Small/Medium Business Enterprises, and so on. Leverage unique features such as sponsor approval, credential delivery, or usage policies thru email or text. It’s relatively easy to implement secure guest access and create a customized web portal using your organization.


Make sure you secure those Ethernet ports behind IP desk phones and in conference rooms or common areas.


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